Hello!  Happy June!

For our loyal customers, we are very sorry that you didn’t get a postcard this year!  We didn’t know about them (excuses, excuses), but we will be sure to get them sent out next year!

So far this year we have been learning (and doing) a lot!  Half of the rooms have been updated/refreshed.  The reviews so far have been positive, but we do get requests to leave some rooms with the “Classic” look.  The 3 king rooms with reclining sofas have proven very popular, so we might have to convert more rooms in the offseason!

Evy has been painting the doors and adding flower pots to spruce up the appearance from the parking lot.  We are slowly working on improving signage, so you may see signs of that when you visit (pun intended).  In other news, Evy gave Mark a bunch of new photos to add to the website, so he’s got to figure out how to do that pretty soon!

The marina is looking a lot better after some recent repairs and is now ready for our seasonal renters.   We will be adding signage for transitional renters as we’ve found out that people like to dock their boats and go to eat at the Shoreline Restaurant or to do some shopping.

Some recent challenges: (oh, the joys of owning a business)

  • Our main phone stopped working recently due to a service outage!  We have a cellphone that we use, so that number has been posted on the website as of today (June 7).
  • We lost the majority of our housekeeping staff when their car broke down on a trip out of state and are unsure if they are coming back.  So, we are looking for some additional part-time housekeepers!  Spread the word!

Even though there have been some challenges (learning opportunities), we both LOVE being here at the Shoreline Resort and we LOVE meeting all of you!

-Mark & Evy (Home/Office: room 107)