Hello friends!

First of all, a brief update.  (Feel free to skip down to the section titled Things to do in the area)

Somehow we missed posting during all of July.  Here’s how it happened.  It was June and we were gearing up for a busy season.  Then we blinked.  Now July is over and it’s August already.  What the heck!  Anyway.. The July 4th fireworks in Hedgehog Harbor were spectacular.  We had such a large crowd in our little village here.  The live music was great and the food was too!  You should have been here!  Oh well, maybe next year..

In other news, Evy’s Craft Shed is now open.  It is in the building with the rounded roof next to Charlie’s Smokehouse (Their smoked fish is what makes them famous, but they do have ice cream too! – And for boaters coming to the village just to make a quick trip to Charlie’s, you can dock right next to the cabin on the water behind their shop.  They allow customers to make quick stops there.).  Right now Evy’s Craft Shed doesn’t have any set hours as the Shoreline Resort demands a lot of Evy’s time.  But just give us a call if she’s not open and if she can spare enough time, she will open up the shop for you.  Evy has some of her own paintings and jewelry in the shed, and also carries beaded jewelry and lawn ornaments from other artists.  She also carries craft kits that can be worked on in the store or taken with you.  She has some food and beverage items as well.

When we purchased the Shoreline Resort & Marina last September, we didn’t really realize how much we would grow to love the place.  We knew it was in a scenic spot and we were ready for a new challenge.  But now it’s become home to us and we are starting to realize just how special of a place it is.  We absolutely feel so blessed and we love to share the experience with our guests.  It’s so neat to hear a new guest walk out on their balcony or porch and say “Wow!”  Many of our first-time guests tell us “We will be back!”  That’s always good to hear.  We have gotten to know many of our guests – several of whom come back multiple times each year!

We plan to continually improve the Shoreline Resort to make it the sparkling gem it deserves to be!


Shopping: Charlie’s Smokehouse, Top of the Thumb, Simply Scandinavian, Hedgehog Gifts, Hill House, and Evy’s Craft Shed.  Bea’s Ho-Made (pickles, jams, pies) and Uncle Tom’s Candy (chocolate) are a mile or so away from the resort.

Dining: The Shoreline Restaurant is open for dinner on Tues/Wed/Thur.  Other close restaurants are 5 minutes south in Ellison Bay.

Parks: Gills Rock Town Park is about a 2 minute walk.  Mariner’s Park is also very close.  Port Des Mortes Park is about 2 miles away (take the stairs down to the water for a spectacular view).  Liberty Grove town park is 4 miles away (sandy beach!)

Museum: Death’s Door Maritime Museum is a 2 minute walk.

Boating: The Island Clipper goes out to Washington Island several times per day (you can bring a bike on the boat for no additional charge or purchase tickets to the Viking Train), and the Yankee Clipper goes to Plum and Pilot islands.  HOME | Island Clipper

Other: The famous curvy road is about 1.5 miles East on 42.  The Washington Island Car Ferry is 2 miles East.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

-Evy & Mark