It’s been 20 days since the last update (where does the time go?).  Summer has officially begun!  Life is Good!

It’s crazy how beautiful the sunsets are here.  Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, that stubborn sun will sometimes poke some rays through for a spectacular view.  Or later at night, it is the moonlight that steals the show.  Sometimes the bay is peaceful.  And sometimes the water comes to life and churns!  The waves crash against the breakwater, sending up a huge spray of water.  It’s quite amazing to watch no matter what the weather is.

We love to see how a newcomer’s face will light up as they stand out on their balcony and behold the view for the first time.  As a recent guest once said, “I love it how we are right on the water!”  We agree wholeheartedly.  Both of us feel so blessed to be able to stay here onsite.

We have our two dogs here now.  Sadie and Oscar.  They’ve both gotten used to being “resort dogs”.  When Oscar is off-leash, he will sometimes jump right up into your lap if you’re sitting outside.  (He doesn’t shed, but please let us know if you don’t like dogs or are allergic.)  When things calm down in the evening, Mark will bring the dogs around to meet the guests.  One recent guest said that the nightly visits by the dogs were the highlight of her trip.  Speaking of dogs, we have 3 rooms which are dog-friendly.  If you’d like to bring your dog, give us a call or check the website to see if a dog-friendly room is available.  At this time, we don’t allow other pets.  (Sorry!!)

Our seasonal boaters have started to arrive.  It’s nice to see the boats in the marina again.  If you have a boat and would like to dock in the marina, give us a call!  The costs to maintain the marina are quite high but we try to keep our fees low.  If you’re looking to dock for dinner or shopping, we charge only $20 for 2 hours for most boats, pending availability.  The same fee applies for pickups/drop-offs too.  If you have a boating business and want to do business out of our marina, give us a call and we can discuss pricing.

In other news, we hired more housekeepers!  Woo hoo!  Mark is especially happy about this because he had to clean a room for the first time on his own and got to experience first-hand all of the work involved.  It has given him an even greater appreciation for our housekeeping staff!

Lastly, we have decided to allow for 1 night stays, pending availability of housekeeping staff.  We charge a bit more because of all the linen and cleaning costs involved, but we understand that sometimes people can only fit a 1 night stay into their busy schedule.  This option is unavailable from the website, so give us a call if you are only looking for 1 night.

Hope to see you soon!  July 4th is coming up quick!  The fireworks are set off right on the bay.  Those staying at the resort get a fantastic view!

Mark & Evy