We have been busy getting rooms ready for the new season!  About half of the rooms will be remodeled with new paint schemes.  I know that some of you love the traditional sunny bright yellow accent walls and half of the rooms still have that color scheme this year.  But prepare yourself for some new colors in the other rooms.  Evy is very creative and likes to make each room unique!

We are moving our office / living space to room 107 this year.  I apologize in advance for those of you who love this room and book it every year.  I hope you try out a new room.  Each room has its own unique view of the water and that gorgeous sunset.

Evy has unblocked rooms as we get them completed, but if you search online and don’t find availability, give us a call and we can figure out if we can accommodate you.  If you are in the area and just want to stop by and say hi, please do so.  Give us a call so we can come out and meet you.  It’s a small motel – only 14 rooms, but we can’t find each other half the time when we are busy working.  If you stop by, you may indeed hear Mark outside yelling “Hey Evy!  Where are you?”      🙂

We will have 3 king size rooms with reclining sofas, a new dresser, and a big screen TV this year.  2 or 3 of the double queen rooms will also get new dressers and a big screen TV.  We have a lot of plans in mind for ongoing and future renovations.  Time and budget constraints will dictate how fast we can get them done though.  Some of these are:

  • New sliding glass doors to provide a clearer view of the water and sunset!  (next year for sure but maybe some later this year)
  • Expanded kitchenette areas for those that like to prepare their own meals!  (next year for sure but maybe some later this year)
  • Outside doors will receive a new fresh color (ongoing – will be done in the next month or so)
  • White decks and trim will be repainted (ongoing – will be done in the next month or so)
  • Bidets!  (ongoing)

Marina update!  The missing blocks have been dredged up and put back in place!  The breakwater wall will be repaired soon.  One of the finger piers was damaged by the ice chunks that flowed in and out of the marina and we are working on getting that repaired.

For those of you that love the restaurant, they will be open Tue/Wed/Thur this year.

If you will be staying with us for longer than 4 days, we can provide your room with a toaster oven / air fryer (available upon request).

We look forward to seeing you!

-Mark and Evy